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Welcome to!

Welcome to!

A Message from the Coach:

Friday night was a bitter disappointment to all of us.  We are a better football team than we showed, but what you see is what goes up on the scoreboard for that night.  El Dorado soundly beat us 48 to 15.  But we are better than that!  Unfortunately you have no "do-overs" in football.

I felt like throughout the first half we moved the football and had our chances.  We had two nice runs that we fumbled at the one yard line going in to score (one run was at the end of a 69 yard run.)  But it obviously doesn't count until you cross the goal line.  The second half I think we lost our composure a little and self destructed on four fumbles, three of which we lost.  We had the ball only 15 plays the entire second half.  But that was our fault.  We fumbled one out of every four plays in that half and wiped away any chance to come back and make it a competitive ball game.  We did rush for 300 yards against them and averaged 7.9 yards per rush. If you had told me that before that game I would have liked our chances. That is what makes it so disappointing that it ended the way it did.  You can't lose four fumbles and beat anyone, especially El Dorado.  Yes, we will do a few ball security drills this week, as we do every week.  Maybe just a little longer this time.  Brockton Brown had 207 yards rushing to give him over 200 yards for the fourth straight game.

Defensively they were a very big team up front and we didn't match up well against them.  They controlled the ball, like we normallly do.  As most games, Chris Wheeler led us in tackles with 15 and two for losses.  Brady Bibb was outstanding returning kickoffs and had 12 tackles, and broke up a pass on defense.  Maleek Caton led the defensive line with 9 tackles and Clayton Palmer and Luke Hill each broke up a pass.  We had way too many missed tackles overall which helped them sustain long drives.

This week...........Benton!  We need a good rivalry game like this to take our mind off El Dorado.  They are like they were last year; big, fast, and athletic.  They are 4-1 with their only loss the Bryant in the Salt Bowl.  Every game is big, especially against one of our neighbors only 25 miles away.  I have no doubt that we will come back and play like we did the last three games.  Maybe we needed a little jolt of what it takes to win.  We got it.  Now we can move on and get ready for the Panthers.

Our JV play here at 6:30 versus Lakeside. The Seventh Grade plays here at 5:15 versus Watson Chapel and tomorrow night here at 5:15 versus Lake Hamilton.  Thurday night the 8th and 9th grade teams play at Watson Chapel at 5:15 and 7:00.  Then we go to Benton Friday night at 7:00.  Hope you will support all of our Sheridan Athletic Teams.


Louis Campbell

Head Football Coach

Sheridan High School

Cell: 479.856.9746

School: 970.942.3137

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