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Welcome to!

Welcome to!

November 9, 2016
A message from the coach:

Friday night ended a long, hard, frustrating season.  We lost 52-14 and it was never a game.  We lost two fumbles on special teams and two fumbles on offense.  First time all year we had four turnovers in one game and the results show why turnovers are such a big part of any game.  This group of Seniors were a delight to be around.  I wish they could have been rewarded with a better season.  But that is life.  Even in the spring, when we started spring practice, it just seemed like this was going to be a tough year.  We had two starters that moved to other cities.  A QB that chose not to play football any more.  We had some big linemen that were incoming freshmen that quit before spring ball even started.  During the season we lost a QB to surgery, a linebacker to surgery, and two defensive lineman that both played offense, and both were the 1 and 2 center.  We lost two, maybe three games on controversial games at the end of the game.  We had our third offensive line coach in three years and our third linebacker coach in three years.  All of those are obstacles that we have to overcome as a team.  Some can call them excuses.  Maybe they are.  You can call them what you want to.  I am simply going back through the year and sharing my feelings at this point.

I have coached for 43 years.  That is older than a lot of our players' parents.  We have a new grandson in Fayetteville and another grandchild due in January to our son and his wife in Alabama.  My wife teaches History here and being the hard-headed wife she is, won't retire until I do. I will turn 67 in February.  Plus, there are a lot of Brown Trout in North Arkansas that have made me mad through the years that I have to gain revenge on.  So partially because of that I turned in my retirement-resignation Monday morning to the Athletic Director and told the team Monday afternoon.  Another main reason I decided to retire at this time is that I think the timing is right in our program for some new direction and fresh leadership.  We have our best back to back teams that are presently in the 8th and 9th grade now.  Plus, I have been here for seven years and I hope someone can come in that can get more people out for football, can keep fewer players from quitting, and win more games than I did.  Yeah I know winning isn't everything, especially in High School.  But, every stadium I have seen and played in had a scoreboard and they did keep score.  So, when you combine those two factors (family and point where the program is today) I think it is time for a change.  I appreciate very much Mark Perkins, who hired me, Matt Scarbrough our AD, and the Administration that has supported me through these years.  And most of all I want to thank the players and assistant coaches that have made this job enjoyable even through tough times.   And last but not least I want to thank the Touchdown Club and those 5 or 6 guys that I have grown very close to through these years.  It will be the relationships here in Sheridan that I will miss the most.  If we could just move Sheridan a little closer to the White and Norfork River I could stay forever!  And Gart Pitts, a special thanks to you for the stats that have saved us hours of work as a staff on Friday night.

This probably was not written maybe the way it should be, but that came from the heart: right, wrong, indifferent.  Thank you for seven years of coaching high school football and being around the greatest people in the world.  I will serve out the remainder of my contract through June.

Most sincerely...............louis campbell


Louis Campbell

Head Football Coach
Sheridan High School
Cell: 479.856.9746

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