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Welcome to!

Welcome to!

A Message from the Coach:

Well it is hard to believe the season is over.  For 15 Seniors it was a "gut-wrenching" time after the game.  We lost to Russellville 35-23 at their place.  We had a great following of fans make the two hour drive that went home disappointed.  It was a lot like Parkview and El Dorado in that we had our chances, but just didn't get it done.


It was certainly a game of momentum, like all are.  We had the ball the entire first quarter.....except for a 90 yard touchdown return by them for a touchdown.  They had fourteen plays the second quarter and did not score.  Our first drive of the game was 12 plays leading up to the interception.  Our next drive was 15 plays that left us 4th and 11 and Dennis Stroeh kicked a 28 yard Field Goal to make it 7-3 them with 4:45 to play in the half.  We run six plays and have to punt and they run 6 plays leading up to half. 7-3 them.  What should have been 14 points, was 3.


The third quarter we each scored 14 points and in the fourth quarter they outscored us 14 to 6, thus making the score 35 to 23.  Ball game over, season over.  We only had the one turnover on offense for the game, but it obviously was a big one.  Later we fumbled a kickoff that gave them great field position that led to another of their scores.


I certainly am no sports psychologist but we just didn't have that same spark we had for the Texarkana Game.  There are always a few times a year when you know in pre-game you are ready to play.  Then there are some you know you are not ready to play.  When we dropped four of the first five punts in pre-game warm-ups, I got a bad feeling in my stomach.  However, many times the good feelings and bad feelings before games don't always equal wins or losses.  So many things happen to change the momentum of a game and can lead to wins or losses.  Sometimes you get that feeling as a coach you really don't have any control over a game.  Things happen during the game, some good plays by either team, some just freakish plays that seems to turn the game.  Bottom line is that in my opinion, I just didn't feel like we were ready to play "Playoff Football."  That's my fault because we didn't have them in the right frame of mind as a coaching staff.


We tested all of our players in the weight room Monday to see who had lost or gained during the course of the season.  We lift on Mondays and Wednesdays during the season.  Then today (Thursday) the ninth graders will start to be integrated in into our lifting and we will lift four days a week and game home at the bell.  Then starting February we will stay after school for 45 minutes to lift a little longer and begin running and agility type workouts.


Fifteen Seniors will be greatly missed.  But with graduation comes opportunity for the underclassmen.  Next week I will go over the highlights of our season and some of the people that had great years and talk about those guys returning and those underclassmen that played a lot this year.


I want to thank some people for a great "send off" we had from school Friday.  The Cheerleaders decorated our locker room, Students for Christ left "goodie-bags" in the player’s lockers, and Mr. Williams had the entire student body out in front of the school to send us off as the buses left around noon for Russellville.  Many many thanks to the band, cheerleaders, dance squad, and the administration and staff for their support throughout this entire year.  It was a year of great improvement.  But not to the point we want to be at.  We started to work on that this past Monday.

Louis Campbell

Head Football Coach
Sheridan High School
Cell: 479.856.9746
School: 970.942.3137

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