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One Heart Beat

Welcome to!

Welcome to!

(September 15, 2014)

The Arkadelphia Game was a huge disappointment for us.  Anytime you turn the ball over 5 times (3 fumbles and 2 interceptions) you will not beat a bad team.  Even more so, a team like Arkadelphia.  We started the game great on defense creating a turnover on the first play.  Then we turn it back over to them with an interception.  Except for one 93 yard drive, we thought the defense played well enough to win.  They created two turnovers and forced two Field Goals on drives.  The never allowed them to break a long run or pass for a touchdown.  In years past, it could have been a Mercy Rule Game by half.

The offense is another story.  You could start and stop with five turnovers. That will get you beat in any game!  I thought we started the game tentative and very cautious.  It looked to me like we were intimidated the first quarter.  Pure and simple, that is why we lost 40 to 8.  But you break it down and there were some positive things to come out of the game as well. The first quarter ended 24 to 0.  The last three quarters was a 16 to 8  ball game.  That is how it should have been for four quarters.  In the second quarter we had a 15 play, seven minute drive that we scored on and went for 2 and made it.  In the third quarter we had a 16 play drive that lasted 9 minutes and 14 seconds.  It led to nothing because we were sacked on third down and obviously went for it all on 4th and 20 but came up empty.  Then we had another 9 play, six minute drive in the fourth quarter but came up empty.  We had the ball 34:30 to their 13:30.  Those drives and time of possession are good enough to win.....if you get points.  But, it came against an excellent football team that will go deep into the playoffs.  That tells me our kids didn't quit but fought back.  The effort and character was there.  But so were the five turnovers.  I know we are more like the 16 to 8 team as opposed to the 40 to 8 team.  Overall, I was proud of our team for not throwing in the towel.  They were hurt and very disappointed after the game.  They care!  We will be back.  A rivalry and trophy game against White Hall this week forces us to bounce back in a hurry.  Get our heads up and move forward.  It is a long season and two games do not make a season.  WE WILL get better!

Chris Wheeler was our Player of the Game.  Chris is our Will Linebacker.  He has led the team in tackles for the last two games.  This game he had 6 unassisted tackles, five assisted tackles, for eleven tackles total.  He is one of our real leaders on this team and a 4.0 GPA student.  An outstanding young man!

This week the 7th Grade plays two games versus Sylvan Hills here on Monday night starting somewhere around 5:00.  The Junior Varsity plays Hot Springs Lakeside here right after they finish.  Thursday night the 8th and 9th grades go to Sylvan Hills starting at 5:15 and 7:00.  Then we play White Hall here Friday night at 7:00.  That is a lot of football!  Hope to see you at all of them.

Louis Campbell
Head Football Coach

Sheridan High School
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