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Welcome to!

Welcome to!

(May 11, 2015)

We have just finished our last round of testing as we begin to get started with our spring football practice.  Since Second Semester started (and even back into November and December) we have worked extremely hard on lifting and getting bigger and stronger.  Carl Owens is our Strength and Conditioning Coach and has done an outstanding job in leading our staff to develop our squad.  Our gains have been tremendous and these will be posted next.  We went to the State Strength Meet at Alma last month.  Had we not had two young men not missed their first lift (thus getting zeroes), we would have finished 5th in the 6-A/7-A Classification.  As it was we finished 8th out of 14 schools there.  Chris Wheeler tied for third in the State in his weight classification.  Congratulations Chris!  We have lifted EVERY Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Wednesday has been our agilities, speed development, and competition day. We started staying after school in February working on quickness and speed development with things like running ropes, flipping tire, running stadiums, pushing weighted sleds (not football sleds) and many fun things like that!!  This group has paid a bigger price than any before them.  We talk about the GRIND (Get Ready I'm Not Done) and the process that it takes to be a complete football player.  Everyone does not and cannot pay this high a price for excellence.  This group has so far.

We have had very few young men quit since we started after the season.  We have a very big sophomore group.  Overall right now we have 83 players out, if everyone returns from baseball after their season is finished.  This is by far the most we have had at this time of the year. We have 45 sophomores to be, 23 juniors to be, and 16 seniors to be.  Out of these 16 seniors, we will have some to go play football in college, which will be the first time in four years this has occurred. We have a VERY strong Senior Class in leadership and character.  This will be the most complete team in terms of numbers and returners, and the best team in terms of leadership, character, hard work, and integrity since I have been here.  We are excited to begin.

Today was to be our first day of Spring Practice.  Rain all weekend, storming now, and what looks like 20 inches (maybe an exaggeration!) of rain outside my window will force us to delay it a day.  With boys and girls soccer in the state tournament this weekend, we will practice on the old practice grass field behind the Elementary School.  That being grass, weather will dictate our days until soccer is completed and we will go back to the artificial surface.  Hopefully soccer will win it all and we will stay on grass for a while.  But every week will be a different schedule.  This week Monday is out with the rain, and Friday is out since we will be handing out the Pork-Butts we have sold for our fund raiser.  Next week Monday is out due to Memorial Day and Friday is out due to Graduation.  So you can see this time of year there is a lot going on and we have to fit things in where we can.  All practices are open and we will usually start "around" 3:15 on the days we work."

Next I will send our lifting results and our schedule for the summer.  It is hard to believe it is May and another year is almost in the books.  Our Touchdown Club Golf Tournament is this Saturday and Sunday.  Hope many of you can play.  I will be vice-president of the "tent"; second in command behind Lane Lankford (he says he is In Charge!!)  Come see us on the turn.

Sincerely...........louis campbell

Louis Campbell
Head Football Coach

Sheridan High School
Cell: 479.856.9746

School: 870.942.3137
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