Sheridan Yellowjackets

Sheridan Yellowjacket Football

Sheridan High School

Date Sheridan Teams Opponent Site Time
8/17/2018 Sr. Varsity Football Scrimmage Lakeside Lakeside 6:00 PM
8/23/2018 Sr. Varsity Football Mtn Home War Memorial Stadium 7:00 PM
8/27/2018 Sr. JV Football Bryant Sheridan 6:00 PM
8/31/2018 Sr. Varsity Football Searcy Searcy 7:00 PM
9/4/2018 Sr. JV Football Jacksonville Jacksonville 6:00PM
9/7/2018 Sr. Varsity Football Open Open Open
9/10/2018 Sr. JV Football Pulaski Academy Sheridan 6:00PM
9/14/2018 Sr. Varsity Football White Hall Sheridan 7:00 PM
9/17/2018 Sr. JV Football Sylvan Hills Sylvan Hills 6:00PM
9/21/2018 Sr. Varsity Football Siloam Springs Siloam Springs 7:00 PM
9/24/2018 Sr. JV Football Watson Chapel Watson Chapel 6:00PM
9/28/2018 Sr. Varsity Football Russellville Sheridan 7:00 PM
10/1/2018 Sr. JV Football White Hall Sheridan 6:00PM
10/5/2018 Sr. Varsity Football El Dorado El Dorado 7:00 PM
10/8/2018 Sr. JV Football Maumelle Maumelle 6:00PM
10/12/2018 Sr. Varsity Football Little Rock Hall Sheridan 7:00 PM
10/15/2018 Sr. JV Football Mills Sheridan 6:00PM
10/19/2018 Sr. Varsity Football Lake Hamilton Lake Hamilton 7:00 PM
10/22/2018 Sr. JV Football Open Open Open
10/26/2018 Sr. Varsity Football Greenwood Sheridan 7:00 PM
10/29/2018 Sr. JV Football Lakeside Lakeside 6:00 PM
11/2/2018 Sr. Varsity Football Benton Sheridan 7:00 PM

Sheridan 7th, 8th, and 9th

Date Sheridan Teams Opponent Site Time
8/20/2018 9th Grade Scrimmage Malvern Malvern 6:30 PM
8/27/2018 7th Grade Football Bauxite Sheridan 5:30 PM
8/30/2018 8th/9th Grade Football Bauxite Bauxite 5:30 PM
9/4/2018 7th Grade Football Jacksonville Jacksonville 5:15 PM
9/4/2018 8th/9th Grade "B" Game HS Lakeside Sheridan 5:30 PM
9/6/2018 8th/9th Grade Football Jacksonville Sheridan 5:15 PM
9/10/2018 7th Grade Football Pulaski Academy Sheridan 5:15 PM
9/11/2018 8th/9th Grade "B" Game Bryant Bryant 5:30 PM
9/13/2018 8th/9th Grade Football Pulaski Academy Pulaski Academy 5:15 PM
9/17/2018 7th Grade Football Sylvan Hills Sylvan Hills 5:15 PM
9/18/2018 8th/9th Grade "B" Game Benton Benton 5:30 PM
9/20/2018 8th/9th Grade Football Sylvan Hills Sheridan 5:15 PM
9/24/2018 7th Grade Football Watson Chapel Watson Chapel 5:15 PM
9/27/2018 8th/9th Grade Football Watson Chapel Sheridan 5:15 PM
10/1/2018 7th Grade Football White Hall Sheridan 5:15 PM
10/2/2018 8th/9th Grade "B" Game Benton Sheridan 5:30 PM
10/4/2018 8th/9th Grade Football White Hall White Hall 5:15 PM
10/8/2018 7th Grade Football Maumelle Maumelle 5:15 PM
10/11/2018 8th/9th Grade Football Maumelle Sheridan 5:15 PM
10/15/2018 7th Grade Football Mills Sheridan 5:15 PM
10/16/2018 8th/9th Grade "B" Game HS Lakeside HS Lakeside 5:30 PM
10/18/2018 8th/9th Grade Football Mills Mills 5:15 PM
10/22/2018 7th Grade Football Playoffs Playoffs 5:15 PM
10/25/2018 8th/9th Grade Football Playoffs Playoffs 5:15 PM


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